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Our new Members Portal is the easiest and quickest way to renew your membership for 2024/25. Thanks are given to the majority of our members who have now registered on the Portal. Members who have not done so can find out details using the link below:

Membership renewal.png

If you are an existing member looking to renew your membership, please click here.

Do you have any questions about the Members Portal? We have prepared two sets of FAQs. To view the set appropriate to you: 

  • click here if you DO NOT share an email address with another member

  • click here if you DO share an email address with another member


25 years and counting – our u3a history

  • A brief look at our 25 years as a u3a, from the u3a beginnings to now.

  • A very special celebration and clips of some of our achievements and groups.

  • A big thank you to Pat Smith who originally put together our history, Guy Caplin, and now part of our PR team Pip Valleley, who took on the role to make this a digital document.

  • This is a great year to celebrate our 25 years.

Click on the image to view the full publication

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No longer working full-time or raising a family?
Now’s the time to make the most of life. The u3a gives you the chance to develop your interests, make new friends and enjoy yourself.

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