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Members Portal Registration

Step 1
Please view this 6-minute video as it will give you detailed instructions on how to register to use the members' portal. If you would like to read the instructions on how to register, follow this link to the Members Portal Manual. You will also be able to print these instructions if you prefer.

Step 2
Make sure you have the required five pieces of information ready and to hand:
          1. Your Membership Number
          2. Your forename
          3. Your surname
          4. Your postcode
          5. Your email address

​These must be exactly as stored in your record in Beacon. This information is shown on emails sent from the u3a via Beacon. Please make sure you do NOT inadvertently add trailing spaces with the Postcode and email address , a space after the text RG27 1TP  , as the system will reject your entry.

Step 3
Click on the Members Portal icon to the right. Follow the procedure to register to use the Portal. Remember to go to your email inbox to verify your email address within
1 hour from registering. Make sure you will be able to recall the password you have set so that you are able to log on to the Portal. 

Registering for the Members Portal with a Shared Email Address:

There are members in the u3a who share the same email address as someone else in the u3a. Both members can register for the Members Portal using that shared email address. The first member must complete the registration for the Portal as normal using the shared email address, set a password and confirm their email address via the email sent to that inbox by the system. Click this link to see the instructions on how the second member with the same email address should register for the Members Portal.

Please Note:

If you are having difficulties with the online joining process or have membership enquiries, please email our Membership Secretary using​

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