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Group Leaders


Never forget that your group is a u3a group, so please don’t feel that you are working in isolation. However, this brings with it a level of involvement with your local u3a.  This is necessary as you, as a leader, are the link between the committee and the members.

Please take time to read this information. Hopefully it will provide answers to some of the questions you may have, either now or in the future, concerning your role. You can also contact the Group Facilitator using the Contact us form with any queries you may have or should any problems arise at any time during the year.


As you will have seen elsewhere, we now have a Facebook page. Please view this as another means of promoting your group to potential new members. If you are not on Facebook yourself, draft what you would like to say, attach a picture if you wish, and email it all to: We will then take care of the rest. Please read the Group Leaders' Facebook Guide for more details.


We decided earlier this year to go back to the original name of “Group Leaders”, as the original description seemed to better reflect the role.  This change is now reflected on our website.

The following links lead to other pages that may be of interest.

Hints and Tips

Useful documents from Head Officea summary of documents available on the Head Office


With respect to running groups, you need to complete the relevant Risk Assessment(s) for your group. 

Please click here to obtain the appropriate Risk Assessment(s) or to report an incident in your group.


Beacon is our administration system and handles membership and financial processes and records. Group leaders have control over their membership and Beacon helps with communication. To avail yourself of these facilities you must first obtain a username and password from the Systems manager - please use the "Contact Us" button below to do this. When you have been allocated a username, you will be sent a document to read, before logging in to Beacon.

This link takes you to the Beacon system.

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