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Maximise Successful Delivery of Emails Sent from Beacon

There are a numbers of ways in which you can reduce the likelihood of your Beacon emails not being delivered. If you are sending an email to a large number of people, say over 50, please accept that your email will be processed by spam filters in the same way as mass marketing emails are. Therefore you should follow industry guidelines for such mail.

i)  Batches of emails sent from Beacon are scanned to filter out duplicate emails where the title and content are exactily the same. To avoid this, personalise the email by using the #FAM tag to generate "Dear Graham". Do not use generic salutations such as "Dear Member".

ii) When putting a link (URL) into an email, do NOT use the URL itself as the clickable visible text. Instead use some descriptive English text and attach the URL to that using the chain logo.

iii) Avoid sending attachments. It is recommended to put the files on the website and to provide a weblink to let the user download the file if they want.

iv) Maximum organisation visibility helps. Including a signature block with your name, u3a group and contact mail address in your email footers helps mail providers recognise you as a legitimate organisation and sender of email. This also helps your recipients know that this message is indeed from you!

v) Provide an explicit way for the recipient to unsubscribe from getting emails from you, even though you know they have said they want such emails. 

vi) Avoid sending emails that the majority of recipients won't bother to open. It encourages the system to assume that messages from the sender are spam.

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