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Maximise Successful Delivery of Emails Sent from Beacon

Please use the "Standard Email Message to Members" template when sending email from Beacon 

There are a number of advantages in using the Standard Email template:

i)  Batches of emails sent from Beacon are scanned to filter out duplicate emails where the title and content are exactily the same. To avoid this, the standard email template uses many #Tags to personalise each email sent so none of them will be identical. Members who share their email address with their partner will each receive an email as their forenames and membership number will be different and therefore the email will not be identical.

ii) Emails sent using the Standard Email template contains the membership number, forename, surname, postcode and email address for the individual receiving the email. These five peices of information are required by the members when registereing for the Membership portal

iii) There is an "Unsubscribe" option at the very bottom of the template which is required to make emails sent from Beacon GDPR compliant.

iv) Using the standard email template will generate a Basingstoke - Old Basing u3a branding that members will recogonise and become to trust as a safe to open and read. Including a signature block with your name, u3a group name also helps in rasing organisation visibility.

v) Avoid sending emails that the majority of recipients won't bother to open. It encourages the system to assume that messages from the sender are spam.

vi) All the above will assist in makeing emails sent from Beacon almost certain to pass the many Spam Filters trying to trap scam emails and stop them from being delivered. 

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