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Hints and Tips

Before the academic year begins, arrange new or confirm existing hall or room bookings. Ensure the manager of the venue sends invoices to the Treasurer, not forgetting that as a registered charity we are eligible for reduced fees. Please ensure the treasurer is aware of bookings, dates and any exceptional closures.

Don’t take everything upon yourself. Ensure you have help with a second or joint leader and with preparing the room, serving refreshments if applicable and leaving the room clean and tidy. Over the first few meetings of each academic year check that members are fully paid up. Members who have not paid appear in red in Beacon membership lists.

Try to involve group members in organising and presenting your group's programme.

Remember to claim for any expenses incurred in relation to your group activities.

Be prepared to change your venue should a change in the numbers of your group warrant it. Should your group become too big to manage or you have a waiting list, encourage the setting up of a parallel group by existing members.

Using the "Contact Us" button below, please let the Group Facilitator and webmaster know of any changes made, as the website will no longer be accurate. (You can always check the information on the website.)

Please advise the membership secretary of the death or resignation of a member, and any change of personal details.

Over the academic year group leaders are expected to attend group leaders' meetings or ask a member of the group to attend in their place.

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