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Risk Assessments and Incident Forms


Each Group in the Basingstoke - Old Basing u3a needs to have a Risk Assessment completed to cover the activities of that particular group. Once completed, a copy of the the assessment form must be passed, either as a printed version or sent via email, to a member of the u3a committee so that it may be stored centrally along with the Risk Assessment forms of the other Groups.   

Risk Assessments are associated with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. The u3a insurance company expects u3as to take reasonable precautions through risk assessment checklists. If a member were injured, our insurance provider would ask for the completed risk assessment and use that as a basis to prove the risk was identified and to defend against any claim for compensation. All groups should complete risk assessments to protect themselves. 

Best practice is to complete the appropriate risk assessment checklist at the beginning of each u3a activity if there have been any changes since the last assessment. Read the "Risk Assessment FAQs" document which gives directions on when you should be completing or updating the appropriate risk assessment checklist. Each risk assessment has to be retained for up to three years as this is the timeframe in which a claim can be made.

Risk Assessments Templates (New Style Fillable .PDF files that can be emailed)

To use these forms, all you have to do is download the appropriate form, complete it on whichever device you have, save it and then email a copy to the appropriate contact at the u3a. No paper or ink is used in the making of these forms. The forms will work on most devices and do not require any paid for software. Here are the system requirements:

  • iPhone/iPad – no special software.

  • Android phone or tablet – download Adobe Acrobat Reader which is free.

  • PC – download Adobe Acrobat Reader which is free.

  • Mac - download Adobe Acrobat Reader which is free.


Here is how to complete and process the forms:

  • Download and open the form on your device. It should open automatically in your device’s PDF host.

  • Use your device’s keyboard to complete the form

  • On smaller devices like smart phones you may need to zoom in to the cells in the table which lie in the ‘Yes’, ‘No’ and ‘n/a’ columns.

  • Tap the appropriate cell and that will record a tick in that cell.

  • When you have completed the form save it as "Group_Name - Risk Assessment.pdf" to your device 

  • Send the "Group_Name - Risk Assessment.pdf" file to the appropriate u3a contact as an attachment to an email so that it may be stored centrally along with all the other Group's Risk Assessments.

Risk Assessments Templates (Old Style .PDF files that can be printed and completed in paper format)

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