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Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a great form of exercise for any ability and is known to help those with mobility issues. It promotes core strengthening, balance and a quiet mind through slow and exact movements.


Using trained instructors at a local Martial Arts Academy, this is our u3a's second premium group where members have to pay £40 for a course of 6 sessions.


Members get sheets to remind them of the movements they learnt during the week and videos to help the practice. However we are not about perfection, this is about having fun whilst exercising.


There is currently a waitlist, but if you are interested in putting down your name, do get in touch.


The courses are at the Shi Gi Tai Martial Arts Academy, Armstrong Road.

Every Monday 1 - 2pm

For group members - The curret six sessions started on 6th November and will run through to 11th December, the start date for the next six sessions will be announced four weeks into the course, when you can let me know if you want to renew your membership of the group. Thanks for coming and I hope you are enjoying yourselves.

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