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We are looking to set up a monthly Cribbage group for players who know how to play crib.

The intention is to play pairs matches, with participants randomly drawn into pairs, with each pair representing one of two teams.

Pairs matches will then be played, with pairs from one team playing pairs from the other team. Each match will consist of two or three games, with points awarded for each game won.

When the first round of games are complete, pairs from one team will move tables to play a new game against another opposing pair, until that round of games are completed. We will continue players moving tables to play new games, for as long as time allows.

Once the last rounds of games are played the points for each team will be added up to determine the winning team.

It is intended for the group to enjoy playing Crib with a little friendly competition,

If you can play Crib and would be interested in joining this group, then please send an email to:

Please note: for anyone who does not know how to play Crib but would like to learn, it is hoped to organise a learning group at a later date.


Venue:  Brookvale Village Hall

Time: 10.00 - 12.30 4th Wednesday of the month

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