Walking Football

Do you love football, but maybe not quite up to running round a pitch any longer?

Why not join us for Walking Football, with men and women, who enjoy football and physical activity?

We meet twice a month for an hour’s play.

· The pitch we use is a self-contained, outdoor, artificial turf pitch, with small goals and a wire net around the outside

· It is slightly larger than a 5-a-side pitch, so would ideally suit 6-a-side

· We pick the teams on the day, depending on the number of people attending

· We do not have people playing for the full hour, but play for 15 minutes or so and then take a break.

Key rules of Walking Football:

· No running or jogging, with or without the ball

· Low impact tackling only

· No offsides

· The ball must not be kicked or deflected by any outfield player, or thrown (by the goalkeeper), above head height

· A player can only kick the ball three times before another player must touch it

Forthcoming Activity

Spring is here!

We have now returned to the usual Walking Football arrangements, playing on the  artificial turf pitch at Everest Academy at 5pm.

The following dates have been booked:

  • Thursday 5th May

  • Monday 16th May

  • Thursday 9th June

  • Monday 20th June

  • Thursday 7th July

  • Monday 18th July

  • Thursday 4th August

  • Monday 15th August.

If you would like to join us, please use the Contact Form at the top of this page.

Venue: Everest Community Academy, Oxford Way, RG24 9UP

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Date: Fortnightly, Monday OR Thursday

Time: 17:00 - 18:00

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To contact the convenor of the Walking Football group, please send an email to: