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Music and dance

If you are not a member of our u3a and would like to join, please click here. If you would like to contact the leader of a particular group, please use the Contact us form. Your enquiry will then be forwarded to the leader of the group in question.

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We are a popular and friendly group with a shared interest in music and the written word. Talks given by our members are interesting, instructive and entertaining: as a result, we have the opportunity to hear a wide variety of music and poetry or narrative.

Remaining Programme 2023

8 June              Strauss and the Waltz

13 July              Musical Nicknames

Programme 2023/24

12 October            Home Grown

09 November       War and Peace

07 December       TBA

11 January             Jazz

08 February          Music inspired by William Shakespeare's Plays

14 March                The Journey continued

11 April                    Mozart

09 May                    Masters of the Royal Music and Poetry

13 June                   TBA

11 July                     Members' Choice

Venue: Parish Room, The Street, Old Basing, RG24 7BW

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Date: 2nd Thursday of the month

October to July

Time: 09:45 - 12:00

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