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We are a popular and friendly group with a shared interest in music and the written word. Talks given by our members are interesting, instructive and entertaining: as a result, we have the opportunity to hear a wide variety of music and poetry or narrative.

Recent Activity

Over the past 18 months, while we have been unable to hold our usual monthly meetings, some of our members have produced ‘lockdown presentations’ by providing a Word document containing notes on their chosen theme together with links to YouTube recordings. These have served to keep the group motivated and entertained during this period and have been much appreciated. One of our contributors is famous in the group for researching and introducing members to relatively unfamiliar pieces of music, which helps to broaden everyone’s experience of different music cultures and composers. Meeting via Zoom was found to be unsuitable because of technical difficulties with reproducing an acceptable quality of sound when playing music.

Forthcoming Activity

Unable to meet during Lockdown, we will be restarting meeting in person in October 2021. Themes chosen by member presenters for the next academic year are:

  • 14 October  From Russia with Love

  • 11 November Remembrance

  • 09 December Christmas

  • 13 January Music in Portraits

  • 10 February Music from the Baroque Period

  • 10 March Enigma

  • 14 April Music and Words from the Journey

  • 12 May To be decided

  • 09 June To be decided

  • 14 July  Members’ Choice

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