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Lifelong learning

If you are not a member of our u3a and would like to join, please click here. Lifelong learning is an area of particular relevance to U3As. We have several groups in this faculty, details of which can be viewed using the buttons at the foot of the page. We hope there will be a few that appeal to you. 

To contact the leaders for the groups below directly, please send an email as follows:

Transport -

Zoom Literature group -

If you would like to contact the leader of any other group, please use the Contact us form. Your enquiry will then be forwarded to the leader of the group in question.

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Book Club

We are very social and chatty groups who enjoy discussing books over tea, coffee and a biscuit.

The Book club looks at contemporary fiction of all genres. Members join either of 2 groups and both read the same book. We meet once a month and discuss the book in small groups for about 35 minutes, followed by a whole group discussion. We will also rate each book 1 – 10.

Feedback on the books so far has been good and a real positive is that it often makes people read outside their normal reading genre’s. Our members are seeing this as a real benefit and is changing their reading habits.

There is also a book swap opportunity, so if you have books you have already read, you can bring them along and select any others you are interested in.

From January next year we will be asking for nominations for what we read two months in advance and then then there will be a vote. So, even more chance for our members to influence what we are reading.


Books scheduled to be read by the book club:

Sept 25/26      Tick Tock               Simon Mayo

Oct 23/24    7 Moons of Maali        Shehan Karunatilaka

Nov 27/28    Olive, Mabel and Me     Andrew Cotter


January 22/23    Lessons in Chemistry      Bonnie Garmus

February 26/27  The Goldfinch        Donna Tartt

March 25/26    The Second Sleep     Robert Harris

April 22/23

May 20/21 (due to bank holiday)

June 24/25

July 22/23

Previously read books and their scores from our two groups. The Island is currently our top scorer.

Title                                         Author                Score BC1        Score BC2

  • The Bees                    Laline Paul                  5.8                6.5

  • The Island                  Victoria Hislop           8.25               8.8

  • Iron House                 John Hart                    5.6                 5.9

  • The Great Alone       Kristen Hannah           6.1                7.4

  • The Salt Path             Raynor Wynn               5.4                6.8

  • American Dirt            Jeanine Cummins     7.7                 8.4

  • Sister                             Rosamund Lupton    6.9                7.6

  • The Word is Murder Anthony Horowitz     6.9               7.3

Links to the groups:

Group 1  Venue: Kempshott Village Hall, Stratton Park,  Pack Lane, Basingstoke,  RG22 5HN

Date:  4th Week Monday 14.00 - 16.00

Group 2  Venue: Brookvale Village Hall,  Lower Brook St, Basingstoke, RG21 7RP

Date:  Tuesday, the day after Group 1, 10.00 - 12.00

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