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Our U3A runs groups covering four languages.  Use the flag buttons below to view details of any that interest you.  If you would like to contact the leader of a particular group, please use the Contact us form. Your enquiry will then be forwarded to the leader of the group in question.

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Beginners and intermediate

The main group is at present intermediate level and lasts from 14:15 to 16:15 with a break in the middle. There is only one beginner and classes are arranged when convenient - others are welcome to join her. The intermediate class will be studying Willkommen Book 2 from the beginning. There will also be plenty of time for conversational practice mostly based on members’ news and experiences each week. The course is aimed at learning to speak German and the atmosphere is friendly and relaxed.

Recent Activity

We have been meeting on Zoom.  Beginners met on Wednesday mornings from 11.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m., and Intermediate on Thursday afternoons from 2.00 p.m. to 3.30 p.m.  Beginners have been studying the book “Willkommen Book 1” and Intermediates “Willkommen Book 2”.

Forthcoming Activity

The German Beginners group will continue on Zoom, but the Intermediate group will return to face-to-face meetings from September 2021.


The group members hold discussions entirely in German, except for the occasional translation. There is no set agenda and no text books are used. Occasionally we agree to talk about a certain topic, otherwise we just talk on anything of interest.

Recent Activity

During Lockdowm, there has been no German conversation group , but Rolf has attended the Intermediate Class instead, to help extend the conversation by talking about his own experiences of Germany and the German language.  He is German, lived in Germany until he was 12 years old and worked in East Germany in the 1990’s.

Forthcoming Activity

The German Conversation group will return to face-to-face meetings from September 2021.


St. Leonard’s Centre, Rectory Road, Oakley, RG23 7ED (Intermediate)

Member's home (Conversation)

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Zoom (Beginners)


Every Wednesday (Beginners)

Every Thursday (Intermediate)

1st and 3rd Friday (Conversation)


11.00 = 12.00 (Beginners)

14:15 - 16:15 (Intermediate)

14:00 - 15:00 (Conversation)