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Art and crafts

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The films shown are given a short introduction, and we are always happy to meet new people with an interest in film. No previous knowledge is required, and we are not very studious! We like to be entertained by cinema, so our group is an adventure in film appreciation and enjoyment!

We try to share members' interests in cinema and look at a broad range of films (such as from different genres, or from particular directors), and we usually try to include films we are not familiar with.

The films we watch and topics we explore are decided by the group as a whole, and suggestions and discussions are always welcome.

Venue: Christ Church, Reading Road, Chineham, RG24 8LT

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Date: 4th Monday of the month

Time: 14:00 - 16:00


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If you are not a member of our u3a and would like to join, please click here. We run nine art and crafts groups.  Use the buttons below to read about any that are of interest. If you would like to contact the leader of a particular group, please use the Contact us form. Your enquiry will then be forwarded to the leader of the group in question.

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