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Group Documents

This page contains links to documents for the year 2022/23 that you may find useful in helping you to decide which groups to join.  

Groups Spreadhsheet - Where and When they Meet

One page spreadsheet of our groups with dates/times and location


Groups Leaflet - Where and When they Meet

A5 Leaflet of our groups with dates/times and location

This can be printed on both sides of an A4 page  and folded with the U3A logo on the front. If you don't have double sided printing, first select and print page one. Second remove the printed page and take the bottom narrow edge of the paper and turn it to the top and reinsert it into the printer paper tray. Third select and print page two.

Group Summary Timetable

See when groups meet across the month


Provides dates/times, location and descriptions of our groups plus non-personal contact details for these groups ***Not Yet Available ***

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