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Changing the text size in your browser

Most popular web browsers include a tool on the menu bar which allows you to change the size of text on webpages you are visiting.  With this tool you can resize the text on screen to a level that suits you.  Where to find this tool differs slightly between browsers (see later), but you can usually use the keyboard to increase or decrease text size quickly.

If you are using a Windows PC:

  • Pressing the Ctrl key and the + (plus) key at the same time increases the text size

  • Pressing the Ctrl key and the - (minus) key at the same time decreases the text size


If you are using a Mac:

  • Pressing the Cmd key and the + (plus) key at the same time increases the text size

  • Pressing the Cmd key and the - (minus) key at the same time decreases the text size

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If you want to change the text size used by your browser, please follow the relevant guide below.

Please note that text size cannot be changed on some websites.

Google Chrome

  • Click the Chrome menu (3 horizontal lines) on the browser toolbar

  • Select Settings

  • Click Show advanced settings

  • In the Web Content section, use the Font size drop-down menu to make adjustments


  • Go to the Opera main menu (you may need to click the Opera logo at the top left)

  • Open the main menu, go down to the item “Page” and then select “Zoom”

  • Select how much you wish to increase or decrease magnification of the screen content


  • From the Safari menu, select Preferences

  • Click Appearance

  • To change the standard font or fixed-width font used in pages, click the appropriate Select button.

  • Change the font size using the slider bar.


  • From the Firefox Menu Bar select View>Text Size>Increase

  • This will make the text displayed on the web page one size larger. This is only a temporary change however.


To make a permanent font size change:

  • From the Firefox Menu Bar, select Tools>Options

  • Click on General

  • Click on Fonts and Colours

  • Set the font sizes. Minimum font size can also be set

Internet Explorer

  • From the Menu Bar, select View

  • Scroll to Text Size and choose your preference

Further help

My Web My Way is the BBC's comprehensive guide to making the web easier to use.  The website is no longer kept up to date, but it explains the many ways you can change your browser, computer, keyboard and mouse settings to make the web more accessible for you.  The advice covers how to:

  • change font sizes (including keyboard shortcuts)

  • modify the colours on the screen

  • make your keyboard and mouse easier to use

  • magnify the screen

  • fill in forms

  • listen to websites

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